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What to See in Rome for a Day

To see Rome in 1 day is a task of maximum difficulty. Tourists want to appreciate everything at once, spending a minimum of time on the excursion. This is possible for modest provincial cities, but the greatness of Rome can hardly fit into 1 day.

In addition, many materials give only a list of sights without advice on the organization of the route. This article presents Rome from the other side, paying full attention to the central part of the city. An unforgettable adventure lies ahead!

Walking Around the Vatican

Rome in 1 day: Vatican City

It’s a pun of sorts, but it’s better to start with the Vatican as part of a day trip to Rome. The dwarf state was granted independence, so it does not belong to the capital of Italy, nor to the country as a whole. This is reminded by white and yellow flags in huge numbers.

Memo to tourists who want to start sightseeing in Rome in 1 day: before visiting the sights of Vatican you should dress within the framework of the religious state – shorts and short skirts are not allowed.

The issue is easily solved by contacting street vendors in the neighborhood, who offer things of the necessary format. Perhaps they will be used only 1 day, but the emotions from the beauty of the state will remain in the memory for a long time.

St. Peter’s Cathedral


Vatican City is rich in interesting sites:

  1. St. Peter’s Basilica is a must-see and the museum collections are a must-see.
  2. Ignoring the Sistine Chapel is a crime.
  3. Pinacoteca, Borgia Apartments, Apostolic Library and other beauties will also give a mountain of impressions.

But the limit of 1 day is unlikely to allow you to see everything you want. In addition, it is necessary to devote time to Rome, implementing a holistic program of rest.

The earlier the tourist will be on an excursion to the Vatican, the better. The optimal time is 9 am. Since there is only 1 day in reserve, it is worth thinking about tickets in advance. Buying online greatly simplifies the situation both in the case of exploring the Vatican and seeing the iconic sites of Rome. The lucky ones won’t have to spend hours waiting in line.

An alternative option to see the Vatican on a 1-day decision is to participate in a group tour or make an individual reservation. The strength of the offer is that it covers the most interesting sights. Just right for when you only have 1 day to spare.

A personalized tour is more preferable as you can get started earlier.

Rome in 1 Day: What to Expect from the Eternal City

The Vatican is a fairytale state where days are as short as minutes. It is recommended to finish enjoying the masterpieces of the center of Catholicism before 12 o’clock, because otherwise it will not be possible to see Rome in 1 day even within the express itinerary.

Victor Emmanuel II Bridge


To begin with, a tourist needs to cross the Tiber on the Victor Emmanuel II Bridge. Then walk along the avenue named in honor of the great figure to the monument to the politician of Rome Marco Minghetti. Now it is necessary to turn to Via della Cuccagna, which leads to Piazza Navona. The Rome landmark is included in the 1-day promenade plan for the reason that it needs no introduction.

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona


Piazza Navona is the largest and perhaps the most beautiful site of its category. The square in the center of Rome conveys the characteristics of the Baroque, clearly showing the features that allowed it to become one of the top styles of art.

Palaces, churches, the Fountain of the Four Rivers – the eyes are blown away by the multitude of beauties. Alas, it is problematic to appreciate all the wonders of Rome in 1 day.

However, even with significant limitations, you can not ignore the Church of St. Agnes. Cult building in honor of the martyr, widely revered in Rome, stands out against the background of many legends about the Christian, not 1 day heroically overcame the trials that fell to her share. In the crypt of the church is the head of Agnes, there are also a number of tombstones. It’s creepy, but beautiful. Even a 1-day excursion in Rome is not without faith.

On the opposite side of the religious site, the Fountain of the Four Rivers draws attention – the next point to explore Rome in 1 day. It was conceived as a decoration of the obelisk brought to the Eternal City from the conquered Egyptian lands centuries ago. But Lorenzo Bernini prepared such an impressive solution that Rome tourists by all rights and wrongs try to get close to it. You should not miss the opportunity when you have 1 day to spare.

Piazza Navona is close to another attraction of the city worth seeing. The Pantheon or, as it is often called, “the temple of all gods” is a structure of Rome that appeared in 126 AD. You should make time for such a historically and culturally valuable project within 1 day.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was built to worship pagan deities and perform sacrifices in their honor. But as time went on, Christianity became dominant in Rome.

Fortunately, people did not dare to destroy the structure, but only remodeled it to reflect the rules of the new religion. The Pantheon has been preserved in good condition, because it has always received special attention from the inhabitants of Rome, regardless of the period of history.

Another treasure on the 1-day tour program.

Want to visit the Pantheon in Rome? Follow the link to the official ticket platform to buy tickets to visit it with an audio guide and avoid queues at the entrance.

Piazza Colonna

Pizza Colonna


Next to the ancient building is the Column Square. It was named in honor of Marcus Aurelius’ Doric column dedicated to the Marcomannic War. The object looks austere, but beautiful. In this part of Rome is the residence of the Prime Minister of Italy. Another curious object is the Chigi Palace. Not a very large selection, but everything is beautiful and fits the program of exploring the city in 1 day.

Alas, to get to the administrative buildings of Rome in the Piazza Colonna for the ordinary tourist will not be possible. Disorders – aside, they have no place in a 1-day adventure. Fortunately, there is a Greco coffee shop nearby.

Art coffee house has glorious traditions, in its walls rested:

  • Gogol
  • Balzac
  • Byron
  • Goethe and other great persons.

Besides, walking around Rome is impossible without energy, which will energize the meal. You shouldn’t sit for long, because exploring the city in 1 day requires a quick return to the itinerary.

Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

Trevi Fountain


Via dei Sabini is the way to the Trevi Fountain. Without it, exploring Rome in 1 day would be incomplete.

It is known that the Trevi Fountain is the largest and most beautiful in the capital of Italy. Its height is 25.9 meters and width is 49.8 meters.

The object adjoins the Palazzo Poli, creating a unified whole. Neptune, bas-reliefs, images of tritons and hippocampi – the work was exaggeratedly grandiose. Visitors to Rome throw change into the Trevi Fountain for good luck.

The limitation of 1 day does not allow you to admire the creation of Nicolo Salvi for hours. Therefore, tourists are advised to walk along Via dei Sabini to the stunning Via del Corso.

In fact, this street of Rome is not crammed with luxury boutiques under the cap, because they are neatly distributed nearby. But there are plenty of options for a beautiful and cost-effective closet update.

Rome in just a day requires mobility, and a promenade with full bags in hand is a pleasure for the amateur. But it is worth a look in the stores to analyze the assortment. No one prevents you from organizing a separate trip to Rome for shopping in the future, and now 1 day should be devoted to sightseeing.

You can see the Trevi Fountain yourself for free. But by booking a tour at the link, you will learn and see much more.

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia


Walking from one boutique to another, the traveler will reach Piazza Venezia. It takes its name from the palace that formerly housed the seat of the Venetian Republic.

The place played a big role for the organization of communication in ancient Rome, remains valuable for the city even now.

What to see:

  1. The highlight here is the Victor Emmanuel II Monument – Rome in 1 day should only include sites of the highest caliber. It’s rare to see a monument in the form of an all-white building.
  2. Next, you need to turn onto Via del Plebiscito and walk in a straight line. The temple of Il Gesu is only a hundred and more meters away. The cult building of Rome is associated with the Jesuit Order. It is built taking into account the canons of Mannerism.
  3. It is believed that even 1 day in the Eternal City can not be spent without seeing Michelangelo’s creations. The Church of Gesù falls into this category.

Piazza Torre Argentina (Largo di Torre Argentina)

Just a block away, you’ll see Piazza Torre Argentina. In Ancient Rome, the place was majestic, but now the scale has diminished considerably. Only dilapidated steps and benches remain. Those who want to add a touch of mysticism to their 1-day tour of Rome can return to the square after sunset for a unique experience.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

Next on the program, if you decide to see Rome in just 1 day – Capitoline Hill. It is located near the monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Rome in just a day should contain the answer to the question where the great city originated.

According to legend, on the Capitoline Hill the she-wolf found Remulus and Roma, who were destined to found the capital of Italy.

The Cordonata staircase will lead to the place. It itself looks like a complete landmark of Rome.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum


Rome in 1 day is as much fun as it is exhausting. Toward evening, fatigue makes itself felt, but tourists need to gather to complete the tour. A meal in one of the nearest cafes will recharge your strength. 1 day, allotted for walking around the capital, gradually comes to an end, only a couple of sights remain. But they will be the decoration of the tour of Rome in 1 day!

Next to the Capitol is the Roman Forum. Centuries ago there was a majestic complex of objects here, but time and human factor have hit its condition. However, even the ruins are able to indirectly convey the scale of ancient Rome. The number of beauties is not so great, so to see everything within the route in 1 day manages without problems.

Is it realistic to imagine Rome without the Colosseum? The final stage of the adventure is the Via del Fori Imperiali. Day 1 in the city ends on a high note. It is pointless to describe the attraction long, because everyone knows that it is the most impressive amphitheater of Antiquity.